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Staging Your Home

Staging a home for sale should create a warm and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Every potential buyer who views the home will expect to see a home worthy of the listing price. Today, due to an abundance of low-priced homes to choose from and historically low interest rates, first-time homebuyers account for a greater number of these potential buyers than ever before, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). To attract this coveted demographic, there is no need for a complete design overhaul. Staging a home is easier than you think. Below are seven simple staging tips from Coldwell Banker Hartung to help boost a home's appeal and give sellers the competitive edge necessary when selling their home.

Home staging before and after

Stage rooms with one purpose.

Extra rooms that have a mishmash of uses can confuse and even deter first-time homebuyers, so staging rooms with one purpose is vital. Keep in mind that these buyers are generally young couples without children, and rooms should be presented as areas equipped to meet their needs. So turn those playrooms and storage dens into a home office or the kids' bedroom into a guest bedroom.

Tackle the easy "do-it-yourself" projects.

In a recent Coldwell Banker survey of 300 consumers who purchased their first home in the last year, 87 percent said move-in conditions are very important when searching for a home. To ensure that a home is in tip top shape make sure to replace outdated kitchen and bathroom fixtures, apply a fresh coat of paint to a worn wall and refinish the kitchen cabinets. Providing a sleek and modern look wherever possible can make a huge difference in the eyes of first-time homebuyers. To learn more about what home styles are "in fashion," ask a local Coldwell Banker agent about the styles seen in homes that are selling in the area, and purchase a current interior design magazine for ideas.

Focus on the living areas.

A living room is an area in which potential first-time buyers should be able to envision themselves entertaining friends or gathering with their family. With that in mind, homeowners should make the area appear as large and functional as possible by removing any unnecessary furniture and decorations.

Make sure the master bedroom appeals to both sexes.

The master bedroom of a couple's first home is often the first bedroom they will share. When staging this room, make sure that it appeals to buyers of both sexes. Remove any feature that seems too gender-specific and paint the walls a neutral color.

Clear the room of family portraits.

First-time homebuyers are looking for a home they can picture their family living in, not the previous owner's. Coldwell Banker Hartung recommends taking down family portraits, personal collections and knickknacks. Removing these items will also eliminate clutter and ensure that people are looking at the house for sale, not at the photos from the last family vacation.

Furnish the home, but don't overdo it.

While an empty home looks spacious, it is hard for new buyers to visualize their belongings in a home if they are staring at ceilings, floors and bare walls. Leave the basic components of each room, but make sure there is still plenty of open space.

Don't forget to spruce up the yard.

First impressions often play a role in a consumer's decision making process. Make sure the home's exterior is inviting by trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn and painting faded window trim. Couples looking for their first home often have less yard work under their belts and will appreciate the seller's attention to detail.

Virtual Staging

Many sellers find themselves in limbo while in the process of still owning their previous home and moving into their new home. Marketing your existing house becomes your top priority, especially with the possibility of two mortgage payments. A vacant house can propose challenges that routine staging may not resolve.

Virtual staging before and after

With more and more people starting their home buying search online, these potential buyers rely heavily on the photographs taken. It may be hard for a first-time homebuyer to visualize where their furniture may go in a vacant home. This is where virtual staging can assist with this dilemma. Using this software can provide guidance to first-time homebuyers without the hassle of renting furniture.

Here at CBH, we have the resources to provide this marketing tool for your use, whether it be for one room in your home, or the whole house.

Smart Home Staging Kit

A recent survey conducted by Coldwell Banker and CNET indicated that homes with smart technology are selling faster than those without. In fact, 44% of Americans who want a move-in ready house, say that smart home technology is a must. It's no longer just for the affluent or tech-obsessed young consumers. Smart home technology is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.

Nobody understands how smart home tech can add value to a seller's home better than Coldwell Banker Hartung. We offer a staging kit to all sellers to qualify their home as a Smart Home. This creates more marketing opportunities for your home, and attracts buyers of all ages.