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About Us

Coldwell Banker Hartung has been fulfilling the Dream of Home since 1979. Broker Owner, Chip Hartung, began his real estate career shortly after college and opened up his first real estate brokerage, Chip Hartung and Associates. Not being a Tallahassee local, Chip realized he needed to pair with a national company to gain the recognition he required to run a successful real estate company. Purchasing a Coldwell Banker franchise was the best decision he could make. The over 110 year old real estate company provides him with innovative tools, and deep industry values that have stood the test of time.

Chip’s long standing real estate career is attributed to his impeccable ethics and absolute integrity. This is something we strive to achieve each day in our mission statement.

We live, work, and play in Tallahassee, and like so many of you, we are proud to call this community home. We invite you to discover the many reasons why more and more people are choosing Coldwell Banker Hartung for their real estate needs.



It’s not uncommon to hear about family-owned businesses these days; especially here in Tallahassee, where we have such an amazing community that supports small business owners. 

What is unique however, is a company that employs more than a dozen 2nd and even 3rd generation family members. That company is Coldwell Banker Hartung. 

Chip Hartung started the brokerage back in 1979. Since then, thousands of homes have been sold with Coldwell Banker Hartung agents. In fact, the brokerage is the leading real estate company in town, from winning Best of Tallahassee 8 times, to having the highest sales volume of any other brokerage in town for the past 3 months running. 

So what’s the secret to their success?

“It’s important to make sure our agents feel they are a part of the family, so we do everything we can to build that kind of culture.” says Broker Owner, Chip Hartung. 

According to Chip, he founded the company on 3 key principles: integrity, continuing education and creating a family-friendly atmosphere. 

That last aspect has been key to the company’s progress. Within Coldwell Banker Hartung, there are husband and wife teams, mother-daughter teams, and many agents’ children join them in the family business, whether it’s becoming an agent themselves, or pursuing a career in a related field, like real estate photography or property management. 

For 2nd generation agent Jesse Armstrong, the reason to join the real estate community was not just about business; it held a sentimental reason as well. “I had just begun high school when my Mom and Dad both decided to become Realtors,” said Jesse. “Unfortunately, just as Mom got rolling with sales she was diagnosed with a cancer that ultimately took her from my Dad, brother and me. Now, 9 years later, I believe my Mom is smiling down on me now that I have picked up where she left off and joined my Dad and Stepmom as the Armstrong Team of Realtors with Coldwell Banker Hartung.

“There are so many benefits that come with employing family” says managing broker, Joy Blomeley. “I can personally attest, since I got into the business after watching my mother’s success as a realtor for many years.”

For starters, there’s a lower turnover rate in family-run businesses. Communication is often better between employees, since coworkers are cohabitating and have more time to talk. Lastly, different ages means unique perspectives and skill sets are brought together - older generations have the advantage of lived experience, while younger generations can propel the company forward by staying on top of the latest trends & technological advances.

At the end of the day, for Coldwell Banker Hartung, family business is a smart business model. Selling real estate is what the company does. But families helping families find home is really what real estate is all about.” 

Scroll down for more stories and pictures about our Coldwell Banker Hartung agents and how their families inspired them to join the real estate community.



"I had just begun high school when my Mom and Dad both decided to become Realtors. 

Unfortunately, just as Mom got rolling with sales she was diagnosed with a cancer that ultimately took her from my Dad, Brother and me. 

Now, 9 years later, I believe my Mom is smiling down on me now that I have picked up where she left off, and joined my Dad and Stepmom as the Armstrong Team of Realtors with Coldwell Banker Hartung. 

It is unbelievable how many new friends we have made by helping people from places like Tallahassee, Lake Talquin, Havana, Quincy, Wakulla and Monticello sell their homes or find new ones. 

Becoming a Realtor is one of the best decisions I have made and I feel lucky everyday to work with my family."

- Jesse Armstrong

Brockett Family

“I am a second generation realtor, thanks to my mom Ann Brockett. She was the managing broker for Chip Hartung for 20+ years, and a broker for over 40 years. Mom passed away in April this year & I miss her so much, but I love following in her footsteps! I've been an agent with Coldwell Banker Hartung for 15 years now."

- Jim Brockett


Chason Family

"My mom began her career in real estate around the same time I started high school and I can remember many nights we would be up late together doing homework or work. Her drive to work day and night, paired with how much she genuinely cares for each of her customers, made my mom an incredible Realtor to look up to and learn from."

- Brandon Chason 

Enright Family

"My mom (Micky Enright) was a Realtor for 50+ years and worked in Naples for most of that time.  She relocated to Ecuador about 5 years ago to do mission work, sell real estate part time and establish a non-profit called Ecuador Project Hope, which was created to feed and support the forgotten elders in Cotacachi.  She passed away earlier this year.

Because of my mom real estate has always been in my family and now passed on to my two daughters Noelle and Erin. I never thought my mom's real estate legacy would continue two more generations!!  I remember my mom showing homes, sitting at open houses, listing homes and really enjoying what she did.  She was very successful and loved her career, which definitely sparked my interest to follow in her footsteps.  She used to tell me "it is not a closing until the check is in your hand".

My older daughter Noelle works at Coldwell Banker part-time and works in property management with Jackson Properties.  My daughter Erin works for me at Coldwell Banker part-time, and is completing her high school externship with Coldwell Banker.  My wife Lindy works as my assistant and is sitting for the real estate exam this week!!  Even when my children were small they would help me set up open houses, stuff calendars into envelopes, stamp mailers, etc... It has always been an "all hands on" approach.

It truly amazes me that my entire family works in real estate!! My daughters like to remind me how inept I can be with technology compared to their generation. It is crazy how quickly they learn the different software programs, etc...  They are not intimidated by technology one bit, no matter how much I throw at them they figure it out fast!  My wife always keeps me grounded when a transaction is not going smoothly and reminds me that customers hire me to be a problem solver and voice of reason."

- Bill Enright

Jacobs Family

"Both of my parents are Realtors, so they really had no choice but to bring me and my little sister along on evening and weekend appointments! I remember getting the lecture in the car before arriving to show a home, my mom would tell us not to point out any dead bugs on the floor (I mean it’s Florida, vacant homes are just going to have dead bugs) or not to say anything bad about the home. 

If we were good, and we were ALWAYS good, we would be rewarded with Chick-fil-A. Anyways, as the years went on I saw how hard my mom and dad worked for their customers and the commitment they put into every listing and every transaction. 

I grew up loving Realtors and admire their work ethic. That love turned into a desire to work with them and help make their lives easier. As a result, I started my own real estate photography and videography company, Home Shot Media, and have never looked back! I truly love what I do and the people I serve.”

- Haley Jacobs

"Tom was licensed to sell real estate in 1997 and I got licensed in 2001. Prior to and during that span between 1997 to 2000, I worked in grocery retail management. The grocery chain that I worked for downsized in 2000 and I was laid off after 17 years of service. Crushed by the loss, Tom and I pooled our resources, hunkered down and I finished up my marketing degree at Florida State University with hopes of a career in marketing. Tom worked hard as a Realtor and I secretly sat on the sidelines, always admiring the work and connections that he made with his customers.

Upon completing my degree, we found that the marketing jobs were all in New Jersey and New York. I interviewed with several firms but ultimately decided that we did not want to move our family to New York. With fingers crossed, I suggested that I get my real estate license and go to work with Tom. 

You would have thought I hit Tom with a ton of bricks. He was adamant that this would never work. He said, "Never put all your eggs in one basket...blah, blah, blah." Obviously I stopped listening. I signed up for the 1 week course, took the real estate test the following Monday, passed with a 98, picked up my paper license at the testing site and placed my license with Tom's broker. 

I went out on a showing appointment that evening and wrote my first offer. It was wild and has been a thrill for both of us ever since. We have worked well together, enjoy every minute and absolutely love the customers we serve. I wish I had done it sooner."

- JoAnn Jacobs 


Marr Family

“My father in law Stuart Marr, who passed away in July on 2019, is my generational link.  Stuart Marr started Marr Properties Real Estate in the 1970's in Key Largo, Florida. My husband, Trent Marr took over the company from him in the late 1980's.  From the moment I met my husband back in 1990, I was always around the real estate industry.  I remember having company Christmas parties in our home with my father in law always in attendance as the founder of the company.  I still have agents remind me of our young children in the home for the parties.  So Real Estate for me has always meant family. 

We relocated from the Florida Keys to the Tallahassee area in 2006.  When my children left and we became empty nesters, I was looking for a change after over 20 years in Real Estate Appraisal. I knew real estate sales would give me the opportunity to connect with people and help them with some of the biggest decisions in their lives. After having been surrounded by a close-knit real estate family in the Florida Keys, looking for a company to work with, a family feel with respect for each other and our clients was my biggest priority.  I found all that and more with Coldwell Banker Hartung.  At my first office meeting when I was introduced, it was to welcome the newest family member.  I knew at that moment I found my home.  

When my business cards came in, I took a photo and the very first person I sent it o was my father in law Stuart!”

- Mary Marr

Palmer Family

“They used to say, 'be careful or you will grow up just like your mother". I am so thankful that I did and she is of her mother before her and in all likelihood my daughter after me.

Four generations of driven women serving the public in Real Estate. 

It all started when a Michigan girl on vacation to Florida fell for a certain southern gentleman and married him shortly after. The young couple borrowed from their parents to start a property management business in the middle of the state. Riley's (my grandmother's maiden name) Park, established in 1938, was a first for the area. 

Cottage style apartments and land lots were leased yearly to mostly northerners looking to escape the harsh winters. Success led to an extension into the citrus industry with the groves eventually being sold to Florida developers including a young Walt Disney. 

The front of the house served as the office for three generations; with my mother (pictured) taking over from my grandmother and then me (pictured right with my daughter) taking over for my mother in the summers. The business was more than run by a family, it was a family. With tenants in the south over holidays, office run community pot lucks and bingo nights brought people together. 

Following my mother to her alma mater of Florida State, it is in Tallahassee and with Coldwell Banker Hartung that I hang my license. Here I do many of the things that she used to do to provide service to her clients. Joining me in that now, is my daughter who worked for a time at Coldwell Banker Hartung. As an agent, taking marketing advice from my daughter was, at times, difficult. However, her knowledge of younger clients has been very helpful for bridging the gap with millennial buyers. It's been 82 years of managing buyers, sellers and tenants and we're still going strong.”

- TJ Palmer 

Perkins Family

"When I was a small child, my father sold lots and houses to develop the neighborhoods of The Vineyards and Summerbrooke.  

I can remember being lovingly shooed away from open house attendees and spent so much time with my brother running around the then-vacant lands, lakes and oak trees, before cell phones, away from TV’s. 

I still get a tickle when I show or list property in those areas and think of the fun times with my Dad, who is still a local Realtor as well after nearly 4 decades."

- Christie Perkins


Phelps Family

"This famous quote from President Reagan comes to mind when remembering my late "Father-in-law"; David Lamar Phelps, Sr., Real Estate Broker in Central Florida:

"Whatever history may say of me when I'm gone, I hope it will say that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts."  Reagan

My father in law definitely had an influence over my decision to become a Realtor. He encouraged and inspired me to follow my dreams."

- Colleen Phelps 

Poole Family 

"I am surrounded by generations of real estate people including my husband, uncles, aunts, and cousins, and of course my family. Currently a Realtor, commercial marketing director, and commercial property manager. I have had thousands of hours of dinner conversation about what is what in our crazy crazy profession. The quick story below is about the property that started my family in the business of real estate…

My Grandfather George Petrandis was a builder/investor who taught my father Jimmy Petrandis, a Broker/Investor/Developer/Entrepreneur the business of real estate in the 1950’s. Between the two of them, there are many stories about how to make a simple real estate purchase into a gold mine. One such story was the property my grandfather George purchased on Ocklockonee Bay.  

This would become George’s Café & Bar (The boats, in photo below, were rental boats @ $3 p/day) This would grow into George’s Motel and later George’s Lighthouse Pointe and also Angelo & Sons Seafood Restaurant , still owned by family.   

My Grandfather George was a tough man and when a problem arose, he conquered it. Within a year of buying the Ochlocknee River property, Wakulla County voted to become dry March 6, 1946. My Grandfather George could no longer sell whiskey on the property which was the mainstay of his income to support the real estate investment. The property line between Wakulla and Franklin Counties was at the edge of the Ochlocknee River. Franklin was wet. 

George requested, and on August 27, 1946, he was given permission to build over the water and now being in wet Franklin county could sell whiskey to all of Wakulla residents. Grandfather George knew the value of getting a drink. And now you know the story of how Angelo’s got build over the water!”

- Lucy Poole