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Hurricane Season Preparation

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Preparing for Hurricane Season in Tallahassee


Hurricane season preparation is important, it will save you time and money, and it provides peace of mind if a storm does make landfall near you. Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through to November 30th. 

Hurricane Season in Florida 

Out of all the other states, Florida faces the highest risk of hurricanes. About 40% of storms that have made landfall in the U.S. have hit Florida. Luckily, Tallahassee is rarely directly affected by hurricanes; the average is once every eight years. However, the Panhandle and Northwest parts of the state can experience wind, rain and in some cases flooding of roads and low lying areas. Taking this into consideration, it is no surprise that Tallahassee residents should take hurricane preparedness seriously. 

How should I prepare?  

Top priority during storm season should be to keep your family, yourself and your home safe. Floridians are encouraged to stock up with at least 7 days of supplies. Supplies can include necessities such as food, water, batteries, and essential medicine. If you have pets, it’ll be important to consider them when determining your water needs. 

Depending on the anticipated severity of the storm, it will be important to prepare your home as well. Cover your windows with hurricane shutters or wood, and ensure any trees on your property are trimmed to avoid branches falling on your roof or vehicles during the storm. Prior to the storm, check your flood and insurance coverage. You can also check the Leon County Property Appraiser’s website to determine if you live in an area likely to flood. For residents of the Tallahassee area, Leon County provides a thorough survival guide on how to prepare, act, and recover in case of a natural disaster of this sort. 

There are a vast amount of resources online to help guide you while preparing, but in a nutshell you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do I live in a hurricane evacuation area?
You can find out by contacting your local government

Does my family know what to do in case of a weather emergency?
The powerful gusts of wind and flying debris can take down power lines and disrupt cell service. Come up with a plan for how you and your family will contact each other, where you will go, and what you will do. Consider keeping this plan somewhere safe in writing. 

If someone in your family has a chronic illness or some other extenuating circumstance, take access to medical care and events such as power outages into consideration when making your plan. 

What do I need in case of an emergency?
Create a hurricane kit with emergency supplies including non-perishable food, water, batteries, flashlights, cash, and copies of important documents.

Am I covered?
Double check your insurance policies to confirm that your home and belongings are covered in your plan. 

Do I have the most up to date information?
Stay informed by checking local news or the national weather services live online forecasts.

The thought of experiencing a large-scale storm may feel daunting, but luckily Tallahassee provides many of the perks of living in the Sunshine State, with a lower risk of direct hurricane hits.  

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